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Food Businesses


Sanitisation and strict hygiene guidelines have become one of the primary deliverables for numerous restaurants and cafes across the globe. These standards are set to continue post-COVID with the responsibility shifting to individual restaurants and cafes.

As an owner, you will need to consider implementing proper hygiene and health guidelines for all your staff and your customers. There will be a need for more than just a sympathetic approach to combat contamination.

Here at Holy Sanity, we are dedicated to improving the health standards and we understand the limitations a restaurant or cafe owner like you may face and can provide you with the deliverables accordingly.



Restaurants and cafes see a substantial amount of footfall, and unlike offices where hygiene standards are easier to monitor, you may need to implement multiple to-dos for your staff to ensure both their health and safety and that of the customers, which could include

  • All supplies, and materials including utensils and other cutlery should be sanitised before entering the premises.
  • Wearing sanitised uniforms, face masks, etc. Should be strictly followed.
  • Social distancing is required and needs to be maintained at all times by customers and staff alike.
  • High-contamination areas such as toilets should be kept dry and sanitised at 4-hour intervals.
  • All staff, including kitchen staff that is responsible for carrying, and delivering food, should maintain the necessary precautions with sanitised gloves, and further routine sanitisation.
  • Children should not be allowed inside the premises without adult supervision.
  • Food must be stored in a safe environment, and at the right temperature.
  • The entire premises needs to be sanitised every day before closing and again at mid-day.
  • All staff need to be trained and made aware of cleaning equipment with additional caution.
  • Sufficient hand washing facilities with sanitisers and running hot water needs to be provided for employees and customers.
  • Regular monitoring of employees and food handlers is essential to maintain a healthy, and bacteria-free environment
  • A sanitised screening protocol needs to be enforced to screen everyone entering the premises
  • All touch points, such as door handles need to be frequently sanitised.
  • The number of customers accessing the restaurant or cafe should be limited and monitored.


Implementing a sanitised environment can be difficult within F&B facilities as they attract a large number of visitors. Some of the most common issues are:

Inadequate Ventilation in Kitchens

A lack of proper ventilation in kitchens can lead to an increased risk of airborne bacteria.

Un-serviced Air-conditioners

The majority of F&B facilities are air-conditioned, and with the current restrictions, these facilities might be going un-serviced and therefore could become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Limited Supply

Large-scale F&B facilities will typically need to use more than 100 litres of sanitisers every day to maintain daily sanitisation.

With most major brands in the market incapable of meeting this demand, Holy Sanity products and our pre-specified supply chain can help large-scale restaurants and F&B facilities maintain sanitisation standards with timely bulk deliveries. We can deliver sanitisers on emergencies or as planned orders. Contact us today for your bulk orders.

Flammability of Traditional Sanitisers

Some readily available sanitisers are highly flammable and can be life threatening if used near an open flame, thus, a serious concern for the F&B facilities, because of this, we offer a range of low-flammable sanitisers to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.


Maintaining hygiene standards does put an additional strain on the finances of F&B facilities and due to limited supply; the prices have increased by up to 150%. At Holy Sanity we can provide sanitisers in bulk at competitive prices so that you can maintain the best hygiene standards without exceeding your budget.



At Holy Sanity, we have created a whole range of sanitary products that not only eliminates more than 99.99% germs but can also help to extend your commitment towards reducing bacteria and illness-causing germs.

For your customers

Customised sanitary wipes with the restaurant logo that you can deliver with the orders that will serve as a reminder that their safety is your priority.

For the kitchen crew

Low flammable sanitisers from Holy Sanity that greatly reduces the chances of erroneous mishaps.

For your staff

Customised sanitisers that do not dehydrate the skin or cause allergies, even if they are used constantly throughout the day.

For your facility

Portable customised sanitisers with the restaurant logo on the bottles placed in restrooms and on dining tables, which serves as a timely reminder to your staff and customers to clean their hands frequently.

For you

Competitively priced quality sanitisers, delivered quickly in bulk to meet your daily requirements without putting additional stress on your finances.

Above all, our products are produced with special care and love – keeping you in mind. Together, we can help create a more healthy and hygienic world.



Sanitisers and other anti-contamination products have become a standard around the globe, and a post-COVID scenario will see this continue to be observed with more inclusive hygienic habits and compliances throughout restaurants and all F&B facilities being upheld.

We at Holy Sanity believe that setting; hygiene standards are less about corporate practices, but more about encouraging individual practice. Our customised lab-tested sanitisers can offer each user complete safety and security against 99.99% of illness-causing germs.

Trust Us – Our products are all tested and approved as industrial-grade sanitisers. We understand every drop of faith you have in us and we are dedicated to upholding the same.

Try Us – Use our products to stay safe at home, at your workplace, the car, in fact anywhere. Spread the habit with others around you too. Make sure your restaurant or F&B facility is a safe, secure, germ-free environment with Holy Sanity.

Share Us - Sanitisation for all restaurants and any type of F&B facility is a must for the foreseeable future. Holy Sanity wishes you health and security with every droplet. Get in touch with us today and have your customised hand sanitisers shipped directly to your door.