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Large-scale healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics around the world have been forced to upgrade their sanitisation standards and a post COVID will see this increased to an even higher level, necessitating in increased sanitation protocols for all individuals and their immediate surroundings.

High contact-points, such as doorknobs, railings, and seating arrangements need to be sanitised every 4 hours, while visitors are required to wash or sanitise their hands, wear masks, and follow social distancing to avoid contamination.

To support these requirements, we have developed a new range of sanitary products and bulk delivery services designed solely for healthcare facilities.



All our products can be customised as per your requirements, and our comprehensive range of sanitisers for large healthcare facilities has all been developed in keeping with the highest hygiene and safety standards.

During these difficult times, a host of safety protocols needs to be followed by all healthcare facilities including hospitals, diagnostic centres, day-care facilities, and quarantine centres. Some of which include

All medical equipment, metallic objects, and high-contact points must be disinfected every 4 hours using a sanitiser with more than a 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol content.

At all entry points, hand wash stations must be established, and/or hand sanitisers must be provided for all visitors.

Usage of facemasks should be made mandatory. No visitor should be allowed to enter without a 3-layer surgical mask/N95 mask.

Gloves should be made mandatory in diagnostic centres, and in places where the caregiver or the visitor has a chance of coming in contact with blood, saliva, or any other fluid from the patient.

Food served in the hospital premises should be properly packed and heated to 50 degrees Celsius before serving. Any foods that cannot be heated must not be served in hospitals.

Bed sheets, clothes and any other item used by high-risk patients should be sterilised immediately after use.

Medical wastes should be segregated on-premise, and any wastage that might infect individuals should be incinerated while the remaining should be disposed of responsibly.

All floors should be cleaned with chlorine and respective wards housing patients diagnosed with contagious diseases should be cleaned with formaldehyde every day to kill all germs and bacteria.



Implementing a sanitised environment can be a daunting task for many healthcare managers, some of the commonly faced problems include

Limited Availability

Major hospitals need at least 300 to 400 litres of sanitisers every day to meet their daily needs – such a demand cannot be fulfilled by most major brands in the market.

Holy Sanity can successfully meet large-scale bulk orders as per your requirements or even in case of emergencies. Our products and our pre-specified supply chain have the flexibility to help large-scale healthcare facilities with timely shipments.

High Costs

With the sudden spike in demand, sanitisers have become more expensive. Pricing has increased by up to 150% due to an acute shortage of such products. This has put a huge burden on the budgets of the hospitals for such a basic requirement. However, Holy Sanity can provide sanitisers in bulk with delivery and pricing catered for with such large-scale requirements.



Although many brands are now manufacturing sanitisers in bulk, few can meet the required demands while maintaining the WHO (World Health Authority) guidelines. Holy Sanity provides approved products & services primarily catering to such demands for deliveries of large numbers. Check out our products now.

All Needs, Not Satisfied

Healthcare facilities need a wide range of sanitisers in substantial quantities for all individuals concerned. Some of the uses are – hand wash, cleansing of high-touch areas, sterilising medical equipment, sanitising floors, etc. Most brands in the market are incapable of making such customised sanitisers to meet all needs. At Holy Sanity, we develop customised products and understand the specific product requirements or needs to supply accordingly.

Skin diseases

Many brands use cheaper easy-to-use chemicals that may cause allergic reactions in individuals. Daily use of such poor quality sanitisers may also lead to skin diseases and rashes. Therefore it is vital to provide individuals with sanitisers, which will not cause these types of skin issues or affect the sanitisation. Holy Sanity offers free-use sanitisers, which will not cause such ailments for any age group.

Flammability of sanitisers

The vast majority of the sanitisers is highly flammable and can cause a mishap if used near an open flame. This is a serious concern for healthcare workers who work in kitchens and dining halls.

We know how high alcohol products are prone to inflammability and we offer a range of low-flammable sanitisers to ensure your safety.



We, the Holy Sanity family, have developed a complete range of sanitisers for healthcare facilities to meet the hygiene standards and resolve many of the commonly faced problems.

  • Gentle chemicals that won’t harm the skin even after regular daily usage
  • Customised, low-flammable sanitisers
  • Manufactured and formulated according to WHO standards
  • We provide the highest quality at competitive prices
  • Bulk orders and personalised shipping

Above all, all our products are made with special care and love – keeping you in mind! Together, we can help create a healthy, hygienic world!



Sanitisers and other anti-contamination products have become a standard around the globe, and a post-COVID scenario will see this continue to be observed with more inclusive hygienic habits and compliances for all healthcare facilities being upheld.

We at Holy Sanity believe that setting; hygiene standards are less about corporate practices, but more about encouraging the individual to practice. Our customised lab-tested sanitisers can offer each user complete safety and security against 99.99% of illness-causing germs.

Trust Us – Our products are all tested and approved as industrial-grade sanitisers. We understand every drop of faith you have in us and we are dedicated to upholding the same.

Try Us – Use our products to stay safe at home, at your workplace, the car, in fact anywhere. Spread the habit with others around you too. Make sure your healthcare facility is a safe, secure, germ-free environment with Holy Sanity.

Share Us -Sanitisation is a must for the foreseeable future. Share our products. Holy Sanity wishes you health and security with every droplet.

Get in touch with us today and have your customised hand sanitisers shipped directly to your facility.