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Individuals spend a substantial portion of their average day in their workplace, making the office and workplace hygiene an issue of utmost importance to everyone concerned.

Workplace hygiene is strongly argued as the responsibility of the business owner, with the onus being on you to provide an effective but affordable working model for your office.

A clean and safe workplace is the hallmark of a successful business. It is representative of an organisation’s commitment towards the wellbeing of its employees, at Holy Sanity we endeavour to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. Our products can help you maintain a collaborative work atmosphere without hindrances.


At Holy Sanity, we believe that a clean and healthy workspace ensures that the employees are happier, and here are a few tips on how to maintain a safe and hygienic workplace.


Use of Sanitisers:

Providing plenty of sanitisers at workplaces encourage employees to keep their hands clean and germ-free, which reduces the risk of infections in workspaces. By cleaning their hands with a sanitiser regularly, employees can ensure a safe work environment. The practice of wiping down workstations and computers with sanitary wipes at the end of the day helps to significantly decrease the chances of employees falling sick, which guarantees better productivity at work.

Clean Restrooms

Clean and sanitary restrooms are one of the most important characteristics of a healthy workspace. Restrooms should always have an adequate supply of sanitiser and/or towels, soap and toilet tissue paper to actively encourage personal hygiene among employees.

Regular Cleaning

To maintain a hygienic work environment, it is important to ensure that professional cleaning staff regularly cleans the workspace. Employees should also play their role in creating a clutter-free workplace by keeping their workstations clean and tidy. All surfaces in a workplace need to be regularly wiped down and sanitised, especially frequently touched objects like door handles, keyboards etc.



Maintaining proper hygiene in the workplace is not an easy task, as it’s set with challenges and here are some common problems that you may encounter in the process of ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Inadequate ventilation

One of the most common issues faced while maintaining workplace hygiene through the lack of adequate clean air. Poor air quality in the workplace can not only make it difficult to get rid of odours but it can also lead to a greater risk of contracting air-borne diseases. Old and faulty air conditioning systems also pose a challenge to maintaining proper hygiene in workplaces, as they can often act to circulate pollutants and germs throughout an enclosed space.


Another challenge faced in the course of ensuring proper workplace sanitation particularly in restrooms is humidity, which can often transform them into a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria and germs. These disease-spreading microbes can multiply rapidly in small, humid enclosed spaces.

Limited budget

Cost is often an issue when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene in the workplace. Often the budget assigned for the maintenance of a clean and healthy workspace is exceeded, especially when disinfectants, sanitisers and other cleaning products are required in large amounts to facilitate a safe working environment. Lack of funding can often encourage owners to compromise on the hygiene of a workplace.



At Holy Sanity, we seek to ensure that your employees, as well as your clients, know of your commitment towards creating a hygienic workplace. Thus, we can bring you a wide range of company branded sanitary products that will convey your positive steps towards a clean and safe working environment, and these include:

  • Sanitary wipes with the company logo featured on the box ensure that the employees using the wipes are aware of the efforts that are invested in guaranteeing their safety.
  • Hand and portable sanitisers with the company logo on the bottles placed throughout the office should help to serve as a timely reminder to all employees to clean their hands frequently.
  • Liquid hand washes with the company logo on the containers are a great way to show the employees that you care about their health and well-being.

Make your workplace safe and contamination-free with your company-branded hand sanitisers. Let Holy Sanity help you reach out to your employees and wish them good health. Know more about Ayurveda.



Sanitisers and other anti-contamination products have become a standard around the globe, and a post-COVID scenario, will see us continue to observe more inclusive hygienic habits and compliances for all organisations, government or private to uphold.

We at Holy Sanity believe that setting hygiene standards are less a corporate practice but, rather, that it comes down to the individual to practice. Our customised lab-tested sanitisers can offer each user complete safety and security against illness-causing germs.

Trust Us – Our products are all tested and approved as industrial-grade sanitisers. We understand every drop of faith you have in us and we are dedicated to upholding the same.

Try Us – Use our products to stay safe at home, at your workplace, the car, in fact anywhere. Spread the habit with others around you too. Live a safe, secure, germ-free life with Holy Sanity.

Share Us –Sanitisation is a must for the foreseeable future. Share our products. Holy Sanity wishes you health and security with every droplet.

Get in touch with us today and have your customised hand sanitisers shipped to your doorstep.