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Today and in a post-COVID world, schools and similar educational institutions must be kept contamination-free to ensure a similar future for the generation to come. Health and hygiene standards should be rigorously met in full at all schools or community centres to ensure a healthy secure future.

To reduce the numbers of harmful bacteria while maintaining minimum contact, a proper system for sanitisation is needed. Use our personalised handheld and portable sanitisers to disinfect your school premises.

Sanitisation promotes wellness by eliminating bacterial elements. Students and teachers alike can be easily exposed to such contamination, considering the proximity and contact. Our products help you protect your educational institution and its staff, teachers and students against illness-causing bacteria and germs.

Holy Sanity offers a wide range of products suitable for different educational institutions. We provide quality hand sanitisers customised according to your preferences at competitive price points per unit and in bulk


Proper implementation of good hygiene standards within educational premises is important to create a healthy environment for the students, teachers and staff. Some of the hygiene standards schools should consider include –

Everyone must keep their hands clean by using personal hand sanitisers. These are a great alternative when soap, water and towels are not readily accessible.

Make sure all individuals involved, especially younger children, avoid sharing eating and drinking utensils. You can also establish guidelines for the students to use sanitisers before and after their recess.

To maintain proper hygienic measures, tables, chairs and benches should be regularly cleaned with disinfectants and sanitisers daily.

Canteen staff must use gloves to help reduce the spread of bacteria within the food and cleanse their hands with a sanitiser before handling any food.

Stop air-borne germs from spreading by ensuring that everyone cleans their hands after sneezing or coughing. Make this a protocol to be followed strictly by proper guidance and mentoring.

Keep school bags clean by sanitising them and encourage parents to use clean lunch boxes.

It is essential to ensure that the maintenance staff continually keeps all commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, handrails and switches clean.

There are other factors like maintenance; repair and replacement of sanitation facilities need to be considered as part of an on-going health and wellness strategy within educational institutions.

School authorities should support the distribution of hygiene kits such as sanitisers and proper maintenance along with the training of the staff that are required to uphold such suggested standards and protocols.

At Holy Sanity, we provide a range personalised sanitary solutions for schools, colleges and other learning institutes. We help you keep students safe and healthy. To know more about the types of sanitisers we offer, visit our products.



There are a few problems that may occur while implementing a sanitised environment within schools.

Coordination is very important to improve the overall hygiene of a campus. Using Holy Sanity sanitisers will help you execute the necessary measures throughout the premises to create a healthier environment.

Schools need to pay close attention to their sanitation standards and should ensure the safety of their students, as they are more prone to illness. We provide sanitisers that are both high in pharmaceutical-grade alcohol concentrate and non-alcohol to help you choose based on your individual needs.

Our products are clinically tested to kill 99.99% germs and have quick-dry, non-sticky features to ensure safety and zero after-effects.

Another issue, which some schools commonly face, is how kids often ingest sanitisers, which can lead to severe implications. As a result of this, we offer a range of herbal products made from natural ingredients that we can assure you will not impact on a child’s health or put them in any danger.

Perhaps in this instance, consideration could be given to organising teacher workshops, with training for the staff and lessons for children helping them to be more aware of the positive impact of being in a healthy and hygienic environment.

Students or teachers with sensitive skin can also use our products. The non-alcoholic variants are lab-tested and show no signs of redness, irritation or rashes even after repeated daily use.

Also, because ethanol can have a negative effect on a child’s skin, we provide a range of children-friendly hand sanitisers with low ethanol percentages.

We can also help protect your school from unintentional fire hazards with non-alcoholic sanitisers. Our orders are promptly shipped to locations across the world.



Sanitisers and other anti-contamination products have become a standard around the globe, and a post-COVID scenario will see this continue to be observed with more inclusive hygienic habits and compliances for all educational and learning facilities being upheld.

We at Holy Sanity believe that setting; hygiene standards are less about corporate practices, but more about encouraging individual practice. Our customised lab-tested sanitisers can offer each user complete safety and security against 99.99% of illness-causing germs.

Trust Us – Our products are all tested and approved as industrial-grade sanitisers. We understand every drop of faith you have in us and we are dedicated to upholding the same.

Try Us – Use our products to stay safe at home, at your workplace, the car, in fact anywhere. Spread the habit with others around you too. Make sure your school or educational facility is a safe, secure, germ-free environment with Holy Sanity.

Share Us -Sanitisation in schools is a must for the foreseeable future. Share our products. Holy Sanity wishes you health and security with every droplet. Get in touch with us today and have your customised hand sanitisers shipped directly to your campus.