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Clinics and Practices

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Clinics and Practices

Here at Holy Sanity, we provide portable sanitisation equipment to help local clinics combat against high-risk contagious bacteria. We have created a new range of sanitisers for small healthcare facilities keeping in mind all of the commonly faced problems when trying to stop the spreading of germs and illness.

We make our sanitisers according to the standards set by the WHO. So you can be assured of continuous product quality and safety.

We offer bulk supplies of sanitisers for healthcare facilities as well as individuals. You can order products as needed to meet an emergency or pre-planned requirements.

We can supply children-friendly sanitisers, using low flammable liquids, and non-alcohol products. Our products are recommended for use across all age groups.

We offer quality products at competitive prices, ensuring availability for large orders as and when required.

We produce skin-friendly sanitisers, which are perfectly suited and clinically tested for on-going regular use.

At Holy Sanity, we care about your well being and that of your loved ones, all our products are designed to protect with no side-effects from regular long-term usage.

Holy Sanity: Helping to Create a Healthy New World for Clinics and General Medical Practitioners

Sanitisers and other anti-contamination products have become a standard around the globe, and a post-COVID scenario will see this continue to be observed with more inclusive hygienic habits and compliances throughout smaller medical facilities, clinics and the offices General Medical Practitioners being upheld.

We at Holy Sanity believe that setting; hygiene standards are less about corporate practices, but more about encouraging individual practice. Our customised lab-tested sanitisers can offer each user complete safety and security against 99.99% of illness-causing germs.

Trust Us

Our products are all tested and approved as industrial-grade sanitisers. We understand every drop of faith you have in us and we are dedicated to upholding the same.

Try Us

Use our products to stay safe at home, at your workplace, the car, in fact anywhere. Spread the habit with others around you too. Make sure your clinic or practice is a safe, secure, germ-free environment with Holy Sanity.

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Sanitisation for all smaller medical facilities, clinics and the offices General Medical Practitioners is a must for the foreseeable future. Holy Sanity wishes you health and security with every droplet.

For any further information or product details, feel free to get in touch with a Holy Sanity representative today.


At Holy Sanity, we endeavour to make the world a safer and healthy place for you and loved ones. We offer customised portable hand sanitisers manufactured, bottled and shipped within Australia.
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