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Make Your Gym Healthy and Safe

Keeping your surroundings clean and free from germs and bacteria has become a crucial need today.

Your fitness facility or gym needs to be sanitised regularly and you need to provide your staff and clients with all the necessary setup to maintain sanitation standards. At Holy Sanity we have introduced a range of portable sanitising products that have all been designed to help keep yours a germ-free environment.

Suggestions on how to Maintain a Hygienic Gym Floor

The gym equipment that fitness and health facilities provide, can shelter several kinds of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Asingle treadmill, a set of gym weights or dumbbells can harbour more bacteria than a typical toilet seat.

Our range of sanitisers can be used to clean both the gym equipment and the premises, ensuring that your staff and members are safe from germs and respective contamination.

Some common steps you could take while using our products for maximum efficiency include

Keeping an adequate supply of sanitisers and disinfectants in your gym for in-house staff and your clients. Wiping your hands as well as all the equipment to remove any germs or lingering bacteria.

Plan a daily schedule for cleaning and sanitising throughout all workout areas, to make sure all gear, equipment, and surfaces are cleaned regularly. The schedule should also include checking and emptying the bins.

Educate staff and members by posting signboards as a reminder to sanitise both themselves and their equipment before use.

Keep your gym free from any unpleasant odours by cleaning your premises with sanitisers and disinfectants regularly to make it smell fresh and inviting.

Common Issues You Might Face

Fitness centres and going to the gym have become an increasing part of the everyday lifestyle for many, and as is the case with any large amount of footfall, it can create many hygiene-related challenges for gym management.

Because we understand how de-contaminating a gym can be a difficult task, and how bacteria along with other illness-spreading germs can spread rapidly, and easily if the gym equipment and floors are not properly sanitised or cleaned daily. We have created a range of products that lets, you rest easy knowing that the task is completed successfully in one-go.

Some of the challenges you might face while implementing a sanitised environment in your gym –


Perspiration is a very common part of any workout at the gym and this can lead to an accumulation of bacteria on the gym equipment. To keep the gym odourless, use appropriate sanitisers to eliminate any bacteria as well as the odour.

Trapped Moisture

One of the best places for germs to breed is elastic flooring products or mats. They are usually made of rubber and non-porous substances to prevent water or sweat from seeping into the mat. However, it can still permeate through the edges and remain trapped.

Cleansing such high-risk zones can be a laborious task and will also require following hygienic protocols such as wearing gloves. Any apparel used whilst cleansing should also be carefully set aside for sanitisation and thoroughly cleaned before reuse.

Equipment Cleaning

Each piece of equipment has several surfaces and seams that collect grime and even if you post notices asking your members to sanitise their hands as well as the equipment after use, your cleaning staff still needs to ensure that machines and equipment are routinely cleaned with sanitary gels or wipes.

Associated Costs

While maintaining a clean and contamination-free gym can be an expensive proposition. It is vital to routinely follow such tasks to ensure the health of your staff and clients. At Holy Sanity we can help you keep costs under control by supplying sanitisers in bulk orders.

Clinics and General Medical Practitioners

Combat Contamination from the Frontline

Smaller healthcare facilities such as clinics, standalone doctor’s surgery, diagnostic centres, and others are faced with the necessity to make a substantial infrastructural upgrade due to the COVID outbreak.

Such institutions are vital to the overall healthcare status of a community, providing essential backup services for larger healthcare facilities, including major hospitals.

At Holy Sanity, we are working towards providing a clean and safe environment for healthcare workers and patients. Our comprehensive range of sanitary products is designed to keep you and your facility safe and contamination-free. We believe that a clean today will bring about a much healthier tomorrow.

Hygiene Standards for Small-scale Healthcare Facilities and General Medical Practitioners

The hygiene standards of all healthcare facilities, as well as other medical facilities, have reached new benchmarks in response to the current situation around the globe.

At Holy Sanity we are dedicated to helping small-scale healthcare facilities such as clinics and diagnostic centres to maintain these standards, as a result, we have created a series of safety protocols and guidelines along with a range of portable sanitising products that have all been designed to help keep yours a germ-free environment.

  • All medical, as well as non-medical supplies and equipment must be properly sanitised before usage.
  • A reliable water point with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitisers must be made available in all treatment areas.
  • Separate toilets for patients and staff must be maintained to avoid chances of spreading contamination between these two individuals.
  • Safe waste-management facilities should be implemented to contain waste and prevent infections.
  • High contact points such as door handles, switchboards, etc. Must be frequently sanitised to prevent the potential spread of germs.
  • Safe movement of clean air throughout the buildings must be ensured to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
  • The use of facemasks and gloves must be made mandatory for staff and patients alike.
  • All Equipment used to test a patient should not be used for another before proper sterilisation.
  • All staff must maintain high levels of personal hygiene. This includes wearing clean uniforms, facemasks, maintaining cough etiquettes, etc.
  • Visitors should maintain social distancing at all times.
  • All staff must be trained and made aware of the cleaning equipment and their appropriate usage.
  • Regular monitoring of employees, including doctors and nurses, is essential.
  • A COVID-19 screening protocol must be in place to screen all persons entering the facility.
  • Where possible the number of people entering the healthcare establishment at a time should be limited.

Common Issues You Might Face

Small-scale healthcare facilities need to maintain a safe environment for their staff and patients. However, both rural and urban establishments are facing several hindrances while resorting to the Hygiene standards and guidelines necessary to maintain safety in the healthcare industry.

Social distancing can play a crucial role in avoiding transmission. Clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are under immense pressure due to the increased number of ailing individuals. With so many waiting to be treated, maintaining social distancing is one of the biggest problems in such establishments.

There are specific cases of a basic shortage of protective gear. Due to the sudden rise in demand suppliers are unable to deliver enough equipment, including masks, gloves and other PPE, along with sanitisers. With Holy Sanity, you can submit an order and receive an emergency delivery of sanitisers customised for your needs.

For any further information or product details, feel free to get in touch with a Holy Sanity representative today.


At Holy Sanity, we endeavour to make the world a safer and healthy place for you and loved ones. We offer customised portable hand sanitisers manufactured, bottled and shipped within Australia.
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