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Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (15ml)


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Country of origin: India

We love our Organic Holy Basil oil - also known as Tulsi, for its long history and vast benefits for the body & mind. Known as a sacred plant in India, where it originates, Tulsi is used as both a medicinal herb and a herb for spiritual purposes. Earning the title "Elixir of Life," Tulsi has a healing blend of therapeutic and fragrant qualities.

In Western medicine, Tulsi is valued as an adaptogen. That's something that helps your body adapt to stress. 

With its refreshing herbal aroma and undertones of earth & wood, we love its numerous health benefits. This potent oil also has soothing properties that promote relaxation, calmness, and restful sleep.



+ Can help promote relaxation
+ Support for a healthy immune system
+ Beneficial for relieving respiratory conditions
+ An effective skin care ingredient due to its antimicrobial activity
+ This oil is suitable for human use. Considered safe for your fur babies if diluted (always take guidance from your veterinarian before using). Avoid in pregnancy

Why you'll love our our Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil

The Ayurveda texts describe Tulsi as a "Rasayana" or rejuvenator that can help slow down aging by strengthening the body's resistance to disease. Tulsi has also been described in ancient texts as an adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress and maintain balance in times of change.

The sweet aroma of Tulsi Essential Oil has both an energizing and relaxing effect, with many medicinal compounds and properties.

Directions for use

Our Holy Sanity Organic Tulsi Essential Oil is perfect for your diffuser or oil burner.

+ Use as a steam inhalation. Add a few drops to a gently simmering pot of water to infuse your entire space with its healing aromatic fragrance - perfect for relieving respiratory conditions.
+ Place a drop on the soles of the feet and along the spine to relax the entire nervous system.
+ Mix 3 drops of Tulsi & 3 drops of our Organic Rose Geranium on a cotton ball & add to the bottom of your tissue box for a personal aroma spa experience.
+ Add one drop to a glass of warm water and mix thoroughly before gargling to relieve sore throat. Always spit the mixture out afterward.
+ Place a drop onto a tissue and inhale deeply can help to relieve headaches.

Full list of ingredients

Organic Tulsi Oil (Ocimum sanctum)


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Everything we do is guided by Ayurvedic principles, with a drive to show how easily Ayurveda can become a normal part of daily life.
Ayurveda embraces ingredients harvested from what Mother Nature has already provided. Herbs. Fruit Extracts. Essential oils. All proven so safe and effective that you now find them in common medicines, food supplements, personal care, and everyday diets. We have picked the finest natural ingredients and create products that weave into the daily routine for both men and women.