Australian owned and made

Why choose Holy Sanity?

Premium Ingredients

We care about the environment, animals and your hands. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we only use premium ingredients verified to be vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. Our sanitisers are made from naturally sourced Australian bio-ethanol and also include moisturising ingredients to help keep your hands soft and sanitised - the key to hand sanity!

Touch-Less Dispensers

Fill 'n forget with our complete starter kit - a definite must-have for every business and household that wants to stay safe and thrive in this new normal. We take pride in delivering a top-quality hygiene solution to you, your customers, and your business.

Australian Forrest

New range coming soon

Look out for our exciting new range of moisturising hand sanitisers with additional soothing agents that effectively protect your hands, so they stay soft, and sanitized without drying your skin even with regular usage. Keep in touch with our latest updates and exclusive deals.

How Did We Get Here?

Years of healthcare experience, expert R&D professionals who developed our quality formulation, along with continuous product trials and testing have helped us to create top-quality sanitisation products all designed to protect you.

At Holy Sanity, we help you maintain better hygiene by ensuring you quick and reliable services. Our delivery services are available throughout Australia, and your order will be shipped on time regardless of your location. Choose from our wide range of clinically proven hand sanitisers and have them delivered to your business with any personalisation you need. Use our advanced products for the benefit of your enterprise and learn more about our commitment, our team, our mission and us. Hygiene and productivity go hand-in-hand so ensure you provide a safe and hygienic workplace for your team.

What It Takes to Be the Best?

At Holy Sanity, we value the social responsibility of being able to defend our customers and their customers from health issues right from the core.

Our hand sanitisers are affordable and sustainable so that you can improve the overall health of your community. We are always looking to be more innovative with the products we provide for you.

Our hand sanitisers come with moisturisers, and safe pharmaceutical grade alcohol content, allowing our consumers to have easy access to necessary hygiene. Look through our range of products to pick the one best suited for you.

Industry-Specific Deliverables

Customised services designed to meet your specific needs:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Wellness Centres
  • Event Venues
  • Diagnostic Centres Schools
  • Chidcare Centres
  • Restaurants Cafes
  • Customised sanitisation needs within budget

We only use premium quality Isopropyl to ensure the safety of your skin while also making sure the product serves its purpose of eliminating bacteria and germs.

Holy Sanity


Holy Sanity


We have been using Holy Sanity hand sanitisers and are extremely content with their quality. Their products and delivery services have allowed our clinic to work safely and effectively.

Oliver Lawson, Medical Practitioner

Holy Sanity


Customers rely on us to provide them with proper hygiene. Our staff and our customers have appreciated hand sanitisers from Holy Sanity as well. Their bulk order services are really useful for us and our business.

Liam Tanner, Cafe Manager

Holy Sanity


Keeping our children safe is our top priority, and we rely on Holy Sanity to do just that, we've been using their custom hand sanitisers with no problems. Our students are happy and so too are their parents. A big shout out to Holy Sanity for keeping our school safe and germ-free.

Patrick Gill, School Principal


At Holy Sanity, we endeavour to make the world a safer and healthy place for you and loved ones. We offer customised portable hand sanitisers manufactured, bottled and shipped within Australia.
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