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General Questions

Yes, all Holy Sanity sanitisers are made following the WHO standards of hand rub formulation. Our sanitisers contain more than 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol and the required volume of other reagents as prescribed by WHO. Every batch is tested thoroughly before delivery. At Holy Sanity, quality is our expertise. Check out our products.

All Holy Sanity sanitisers, traditional or customised alternatives, are equally effective and can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Our range of sanitisers can be used to sanitise skin as well as other surface materials. However, sanitisers that are used beyond 3 years from the manufacturing date and/or are not properly stored may be less effective. It is advised to avoid usage and purchase another. Please ensure you use them within 3 years and store them in a cool and dry place.

We recommend that you use a pea-sized amount every time you sanitise your hands. Our high-concentration, non-sticky, skin-friendly products can provide the necessary sanitisation with just this much quantity.

To use, apply to the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to cover surfaces of your hands, fingers, fingertips and fingernails. We believe that you should do this for around 10 seconds, or until your hands dry. Do not shake your hands to dry the sanitiser as this may attract other microorganisms and undo the purpose.

Ideal for adults and children, all our hand sanitisers come with additional moisturisers and soothing agents that effectively protect your hands, so they stay soft, and sanitised without drying your skin even with regular usage. You can use our sanitiser every 2-4 hours without worrying about your skin.

The use of sanitisers in the kitchen has become a compulsion. However, most traditional sanitisers are flammable and may cause skin burns if they are used near an open flame.

Holy Sanity sanitisers are safe for all age groups including children. However, the standard precautionary measures must be taken such as keeping the sanitiser away from the reach of children. Our special formulation is very effective and can kill 99.99% of all germs on their hands. Our formulation does not contain any allergen, and it keeps the skin soft and rash-free. Teach your child the ABC of hand hygiene with Holy Sanity sanitisers!

Holy Sanity sanitisers are made according to WHO standards. Our dedicated R&D team is constantly looking to improve the affectivity of our formulations. We procure the highest quality raw materials from fixed vendors. All our raw materials are tested for quality before manufacturing. Even after manufacture, our sanitisers must pass multiple quality checks before they are delivered to you. At Holy Sanity, we use nothing but the best to make our products.

At Holy Sanity, we make sure you get the right type of sanitiser for your needs. Alcohol based sanitisers are more popular for their quick effects and affordable prices. You can also choose to use herbal variants made from natural products that help keep your hands soft, and supple. They also help kill all the bacteria on the surface of the skin, leaving your hands germ-free.


We understand that organisations or large institutions such as healthcare facilities, gymnasiums, restaurants, etc. may need sanitisers in large quantities to combat the current situation. Keeping this in mind, we are open for bulk orders. The delivery time frame will vary depending on the volume and customisations (if any.) Please complete the form on our website and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a quote.

If you need sanitisers in bulk for yourself or your organisation, then simply call us on 1300 HOLY SANITY or email us at YourFriends@HolySanity.com.au

Our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you need customised sanitisers in bulk for yourself or your organisation, then simply call us 1300 HOLY SANITY or email us at YourFriends@HolySanity.com.au

We assure prompt delivery of quality products fast-tracked and guaranteed to meet your requirements and needs.

As soon as we receive your orders for dispenser stands or hand sanitisers, our efficient order fulfilment team dispatch your order within 24 hours.

After the order is dispatched, the arrival of order to your destination address  depends on your location which normally takes between 1 to 3 business days to reach anywhere within Australia.

Most importantly, you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order leaves our factory, thus allowing you to know and track the whereabouts your order online.

Holy Sanity is not just another brand selling sanitisers. We understand the faith our users and clients put in us and we deliver with the utmost care and professional guarantee.

Each customer matters and we prepare our products for their specific use and preferences. The cost of our products may vary depending on the following factors –

* Quantity of purchase

* Formulation of sanitiser including the additives

* On-demand express delivery

Get in touch with our sales team and describe your requirements for a comprehensive quote.