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Saffron Glow Day Face Oil 50ml

The World’s Most Expensive Spice

A fragrant herb, Saffron is known as Kesar in India and is also considered one of the most expensive herb in the world.

Native to the Kashmir region of India, the royal spice has been used for centuries across cultures in skincare for its glow bestowing properties and its fragrance. 

Saffron Ayurvedic Uses & Benefits For Skin

In Ayurveda, Saffron is grouped under “Varnya Gana” (skin rejuvenator) the category of herbs that are known to give the skin a warm, glowing complexion.

The spice is considered Tridoshic in that it balances all Doshas (all skin type).

Your Saffron Glow day face oil.


Why you'll love our Saffron Glow

+ Evening out skin tone & texture
+ Protection against UV radiation to fight early skin aging
+ Helps fight oxidative stress & inflammation
+ Supports wound healing

Hero ingredients

Saffron (Crocus Sativus Stigma)
Rose geranium (Pelargonium Roseum)
Jasmine sambac (Jasminum Sambac)
Rose Petals (Rosa Centifolia)

Directions for use

After cleansing your face, take 6-10 drops of oil in your palm. Dab on your face and neck and spread evenly. Massage the face and neck in upwards and outwards strokes and forehead in circular strokes until the oil is fully absorbed.

Full list of ingredients

Sesame oil (sesamum indicum seed oil), coconut oil (cocos nucifera oil), aloe vera (aloe barbadensis extract), saffron (crocus sativus stigma extract), ashwagandha (withania somnifera extract), licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra root extract), rose petals (rosa centifolia flower extract), turmeric (curcuma longa root extract), Indian rose chestnut (mesua ferrea seed extract), sarsaparilla (hemidesmus indicus root extract), coco grass (cyperus rotundus root extract), vetiver grass (vetiveria zizanioides root extract), Indian bay leaf (cinnamomum tamala leaf extract), Indian elecampane (inula racemosa root extract), Indian barberry (berberis aristata root extract), red sandalwood (pterocarpus santalinus stem extract), bakuchiol extract (psoralea corylifolia seed extract), rose geranium (pelargonium roseum essential oil), jasmine sambac (jasminum sambac absolute oil), vitamin e (tocopherol acetate)


Our commitment to quality extends from our premium ingredients to ethical packaging and customer service.

Everything we do is guided by Ayurvedic principles, with a drive to show how easily Ayurveda can become a normal part of daily life.
Ayurveda embraces ingredients harvested from what Mother Nature has already provided. Herbs. Fruit Extracts. Essential oils. All proven so safe and effective that you now find them in common medicines, food supplements, personal care, and everyday diets. We have picked the finest natural ingredients and create products that weave into the daily routine for both men and women.

Saffron (Crocus Sativus Stigma)

Known as Kesar or kumkum in Ayurveda, saffron is revered throughout history for its perfume, colour and medicinal properties. Both invigorating and nourishing to the skin, saffron is one of the most sattvic spices in Ayurveda. Each flower produces only three stamens that must be lovingly hand-picked and carefully dried, taking about 160 flowers to produce just 1gm of saffron!

Rose geranium (Pelargonium Roseum)

This gentle floral, rosy & green smell is a favorite in Ayurveda, known for its anti-inflammatory & ability to promote relaxation. Rose Geranium is known to gently assist with skin infections, helping to calm any irritation.

Jasmine sambac (Jasminum Sambac)

The delicately sweet & captivating white flowers of the Jasmine plant provide not only a calming benefit to the mind but also deeply nourishes & provides antibacterial qualities, enhancing the skin's radiance while protecting it from drying out.

Rose Petals (Rosa Centifolia)

The delicate balance of floral & slighly earthy musk rose adds benifets beyond nose deep; the natural oils help support sensitive skin & provide a rich source of vitamin C.