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Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil (15ml)


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Country of origin: Italy

Our Holy Sanity Sweet Orange Essential Oil is renowned for its uplifting and cheerful aroma, helping boost your mood and increase happiness and well-being. Think of it as a little ray of sunshine in a bottle! Along with its mood-enhancing properties, Sweet Orange Essential Oil also has calming and grounding effects that help to reduce stress & tension both physically & mentally.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil has long been used to help improve the appearance of skin and hair due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a favourite all-round remedy.



+ Its soothing, sedative, and uplifting effect on the mood
+ Help improve concentration
+ Calm the digestive system and aid digestion
+ Help relieve cold and flu symptoms
+ Reduce bacteria & inflammation to help revitalize the skin and muscles.

Why you'll love our our Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Known for its myriad benefits in Ayurveda, Sweet Orange has traditionally been used for thousands of years. Known for its ability to increase physical strength and digestive fire (Agni), this wonder fruit is used to cleanse the channels of the body & relieve fatigue in the body & mind.

In modern research, Sweet Orange is shown to contain high levels of hesperidin, essential in Vitamin C absorption - making it ideal for immune support & cardiovascular health.

Used in aromatherapy Sweet Orange Oil is known to have a positive and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing and calming effect.

Directions for use

Our Holy Sanity Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is perfect for your diffuser or oil burner.

+ Add 3 drops of Holy Sanity Organic Sweet Orange Oil & 3 drops of Holy Sanity Organic Frankincense Oil to 10ml jojoba oil in a roller bottle for an on-the-go aromatic experience to lift mood by rolling on your pulse points.
+ Place one drop on a tissue and inhale deeply after meals to help stimulate the digestive process.
+ Add 3 - 5 drops to a few tablespoons of your favourite massage oil for a calming experience.
+ Place a drop on the soles of smelly gym shoes for instant deodorizing effects.

Full list of ingredients

Sweet Orange Oil (citrus aurantium dulcis)


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Everything we do is guided by Ayurvedic principles, with a drive to show how easily Ayurveda can become a normal part of daily life.
Ayurveda embraces ingredients harvested from what Mother Nature has already provided. Herbs. Fruit Extracts. Essential oils. All proven so safe and effective that you now find them in common medicines, food supplements, personal care, and everyday diets. We have picked the finest natural ingredients and create products that weave into the daily routine for both men and women.