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Organic Blue Lotus Absolute Oil (15ml)


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Country of origin: India

Known for its deep, mesmerizing scent, this oil is revered in Ayurvedic practices for its therapeutic properties. It's not just an oil; it's an experience that connects you to the ancient wisdom of India.

The Blue Lotus has been a symbol of spirituality, beauty, and the unfolding of the spiritual journey. It's mentioned in ancient texts and has been depicted in art and architecture, signifying enlightenment and purity.


+ Helps to soothe inflammation that can cause osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
+ Diffusing the oil is shown to have anti-anxiety & anti-depression effects.
+ Helps to clear the nasal & sinus passages when diffused.
+ Its subtle, soothing scent helps to relax and enhance mood & wellbeing.
+ Can help reduce scarring & pigmentation.

Why you'll love our Blue Lotus Absolute Oil

You'll love our Blue Lotus Absolute Oil for its versatility, exquisite fragrance, and the deep sense of tranquility it brings. It's not just an oil; it's a journey into the heart of Ayurvedic wisdom, a connection to the ancient traditions of India, and a path to inner peace and balance.

Directions for use

In rituals, this oil serves as a powerful tool to enhance meditation and spiritual practices, especially when used in connection to your third eye chakra (Ajna).
It can be used to anoint sacred objects, in diffusing during yoga or meditation sessions, or in ritual baths to deepen spiritual connection.

Full list of ingredients

Organic Blue Lotus Absolute Oil (Nymphaea caerulea)


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