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Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (15ml)


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Country of origin: Spain

Aroma Note: Mid-Top

Experience the invigorating and rich herbaceous fragrance of Rosemary Essential Oil, perfect for enhancing your mental clarity and boosting your vitality.

Rosemary's revitalising aroma is an excellent choice to kickstart your day. With its stimulating and herbal notes, it creates a refreshing yet focused atmosphere. For an extra dose of energy and mental alertness, consider diffusing it alongside our organic Peppermint Essential Oil or our Organic Lemon Essential Oil.

In addition to its aromatherapeutic benefits, Rosemary Essential Oil is a versatile oil that can be used for various applications, from improving respiratory health to very famously being a favorite ingredient in hair care products.

Embrace the revitalizing power of Rosemary Essential Oil, an essential addition to your daily routine, whether you're seeking mental clarity, an energy boost, or simply a delightful herbaceous aroma to elevate your day.

Your Dosha: Vata Pacifying

Rosemary Essential Oil is renowned for its grounding and warming properties, making it a valuable choice for balancing Vata dosha in Ayurveda. Vata, characterized by qualities of dryness, coldness, and instability, can benefit from the stabilizing influence of Rosemary Essential Oil.

The warming nature of Rosemary Essential Oil helps counteract Vata's tendencies towards feeling cold and scattered. Its invigorating aroma promotes mental clarity and focus, which can be particularly beneficial for Vata individuals who often experience racing thoughts and restlessness.

Furthermore, Rosemary Essential Oil's soothing qualities can help calm the nervous system, making it an excellent choice to ease anxiety and stress associated with Vata imbalances.

Your Dosha: Kapha Pacifying

Rosemary Essential Oil offers invigorating and stimulating properties that are well-suited for balancing Kapha dosha in Ayurveda. Kapha, characterized by qualities of heaviness, coldness, and stagnation, can find relief and balance through the use of Rosemary Essential Oil.

Rosemary's invigorating aroma can help counteract Kapha's tendencies towards lethargy and emotional stagnation. It promotes mental alertness, motivation, and a sense of upliftment, which can be especially helpful for Kapha individuals who may struggle with inertia and emotional heaviness.

Additionally, Rosemary Essential Oil's stimulating properties can support improved circulation and metabolism, addressing some of the physical aspects of a Kapha imbalance.



+ Mental Clarity: Rosemary oil is celebrated for its ability to enhance mental clarity and concentration. Its aroma is stimulating and can help improve focus, memory, and cognitive function.
+ Respiratory Support: It is commonly used for respiratory issues due to its menthol content. When inhaled or used safely in steam inhalation, it can help ease congestion and promote easier breathing.
+ Hair and Scalp Health: In hair care, Rosemary Essential Oil is believed to promote hair growth, improve scalp health, and reduce dandruff. It's a popular choice for adding shine and strength to hair.

Why you'll love our our Rosemary Essential Oil

We love it for its complex yet perfectly balanced aroma:

+ Perfect for diffusing at home or in the office to foster mental clarity and create a balanced atmosphere. Its herbaceous aroma can enhance focus and productivity.
+ As a natural deodorant or perfume - add five drops to a spray bottle of water and shake well to disperse for all day odor elimination
+ Add a couple of drops to your favourite body oil for a grounding yet uplifting fragrance
+ Take a couple of drops on your palms & rub them together to inhale as the perfect pick-me-up stress buster (perfect for travel)
+ Add a few drops to your favourite shampoo & conditioner. Not only does it release a refreshing aroma, but it may also help soothe an irritated scalp and promote healthy hair. (make sure the essential oil is mixed in well by vigorously shaking the bottle. A little oil goes a long way)
+ Refreshing Foot Soak: Create a revitalising foot soak by adding Epsom salts and Rosemary Essential Oil to warm water. Soak your feet for a relaxing and aromatic spa experience.

Directions for use

Our Holy Sanity Organic Rosemary Essential Oil is perfect for your diffuser or oil burner.

This oil is suitable for human use. However, due to the menthol content, it is recommended to be used cautiously around cats and dogs.

Full list of ingredients

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)


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Organic Rose mary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Rosemary essential oil is derived from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region and famous for its culinary application. The plant is evergreen and considered extremely hardy, being able to survive up to 30 years in some cases and can now be found in many countries around the world and in various climates. The essential oil is extracted using steam distillation. It has a herbaceous and deep aroma and due to it's menthol content, is often used as an alternative or in conjunction with oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree for decongestion and respiratory benefits.