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Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (15ml)


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Country of origin: Australia

When it comes to essential oils, our Holy Sanity Organic Tea Tree Oil is a powerhouse to have in your well-being kit. With numerous benefits for the mind and body, this native Australian plant has been used by indigenous Aboriginals for hundreds of years. It derives its English name from how it was traditionally prepared as a tea for respiratory infections & as a potent antibacterial remedy.

This potent germ-fighting oil, with a refreshing herbal aroma, is found to be effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 



+ A natural antiseptic & antimicrobial
+ An antifungal remedy for tinea or athlete's foot
+ As a natural anti-lice remedy
+ An effective skin care ingredient for skin concerns like acne & psoriasis.

Why you'll love our our Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil comes from distilling the leaves of (Melaleuca alternifolia), a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Although native to the Australian continent, tea tree oil has been adopted as an Ayurvedic remedy due to its high efficacy and minimal side effects.
Known as (melaleuca oil?) and is widely popular worldwide owing to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

It holds great significance in Ayurveda as it balances all doshas - Vata, Pita & Kapha. When diffused, it is said to strengthen the vital energy within the body and energize the heart and mind.

Directions for use

Our Holy Sanity Tea Tree Essential Oil is perfect for your diffuser or oil burner.

We love it for its refreshing woody fragrance:

+ Mix 3 drops of t Holy Sanity Organic Tea Tree Oil & 3 drops of our Holy Sanity Organic Sweet Orange oil into your diffuser as a refreshing air cleanser during cold or flu season.
+ Mix 2-3 drops with a teaspoon coconut oil for a natural nail fungus remedy. Apply to nailbed after washing hands or feet thoroughly
+ Make an all-natural surface spray to kill household germs by mixing 20 drops with a tablespoon of white vinegar & top with water in a small spray bottle. **
+ Control dandruff & prevent head lice by adding a few drops to your favourite shampoo & conditioner.
+ Soak a cotton pad with a few drops and add it to the bottom of your kitchen bin to kill odors and keep bugs & insects away.

Full list of ingredients

Organic Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)


Our commitment to quality extends from our premium ingredients to ethical packaging and customer service.

Everything we do is guided by Ayurvedic principles, with a drive to show how easily Ayurveda can become a normal part of daily life.
Ayurveda embraces ingredients harvested from what Mother Nature has already provided. Herbs. Fruit Extracts. Essential oils. All proven so safe and effective that you now find them in common medicines, food supplements, personal care, and everyday diets. We have picked the finest natural ingredients and create products that weave into the daily routine for both men and women.